Veins, veins, veins…Why is everybody talking about veins?

Probably because it has become a very popular topic.

We all live in a very fast paced, constantly changing society. Every day, we bring to light new facts, possibilities, and challenges. “What’s new again?”, is the question, as we accustom ourselves to cutting-edge and fashionable discoveries.

Medicine, defined as the art of science of restoring or preserving health, has not been staying very much behind the forerunners of the 21st century.

With the help of the newest technology, research, and advanced paradigms, medicine offers more options. We are bombarded with growing scientific data, altering algorithms. Approach of invasive, full anesthesia surgeries, procedures that require medical leaves from work, has dramatically declined. Modern microinvasive surgeries, which can be done in a doctor’s office, became reality.

I am very enthusiastic about the fact how we change ourselves. We, human beings, can reprogram our brains in a swift manner. We start paying more attention to our spirit and body. We want to stay strong and healthy. Every little imperfection within us, rings a bell of a vaguely defined anxiety.

Dilemmas that were ignored by previous generations, convert to some serious concerns nowadays.

The topic of vein care has been increasing in popularity mainly through the public demand.

We want to know.

We ask questions.

Why do I have these visible veins?

Why me?

Will the veins become uglier?

How fast will they increase in size?

Am I going to suffer because of the veins?

Can they lead to a disability or even death?

How can I prevent and treat the veins?

And many more, but the answers are here.

The questions are more and more frequent, as we realize, more than a half of us have problems with spider and varicose veins. It is that common. It is also genetic. Women and men. Young and old.

And let’s be honest.

In the era of such advanced medicine, technology, it is impossible to explain or even justify the presence of unsightly veins. Especially, when huge varicose veins call for sometimes disastrous consequences.

We, vein experts, can give you a very precise explanation to any of your troubles. One consultation should shine a new light on your knowledge of vein care. What is even more important, you will see the future in some very bright colors and not so scary images.

We have the whole arsenal of treatment modalities. The spectrum of approaches to the problem starts with just watchful follow up to highly advanced but still office based procedures.

The process sometimes is short and sometimes requires additional visits. It is still worth bringing blood circulation to normal. It is rewarding with the healing of wounds. It is encouraged by miles walked without the feeling of heaviness or tiredness of the legs. It shines with happiness when, after long years, a short dress or shorts can be worn in public.

Who said there was no passion in vein care?

The results we encounter in our daily practice speak for themselves.

Hippocrates said: “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

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