The Science of Vein Care…PHLEBOLOGY!

Phlebology is a science as well as a medical specialty, and encompasses diagnosis and treatment of disorders of venous origin.

Phlebologist is the specialist. In the United States of America, phlebologists are Diplomates of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. Providers with this designation have completed rigorous criteria (also practical aspects) to sit for the exam and proved comprehension of vein care principles to pass the exam per the Board.

We should agree that Phlebology is a quite narrow specialty. Nevertheless, phlebologists, help patients with multiple vein problems. Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, spider veins, vein compression syndromes, to mention a few of them.

We are also called to see patients with lymphatic system abnormalities or bring expertise to some cases of so called lipedema.

All of us phlebologists are skilled in procedures. Majority of them can be performed in the office. Sclerotherapy, laser vein closure, radiofrequency vein closed, microphlebectomies are our daily mission. Some of us specialize in blood clot lysis and retrieval, venous filter placements, or stent placements.

The specialty is based on procedures as the only proven way of eliminating the source of the problem.

No research has indicated that herbs, pills, creams would eradicate varicose veins or spider veins.

A growing number of phlebologists try to meet the demand. Vein care has been unrecognized and literally neglected for years. It may sound unbelievable when over half of the human population suffers from vein disorders.

Phlebologists are on the quest to not only treat but also educate the public. We reach out to our colleagues in medicine. Medical schools, residency programs, nursing schools do not emphasize problems of veins and lymphatics. Majority of medical professionals does not show even basic knowledge of such widespread diseases. Advising patients is even more tossed aside as a very undesired subject.

My pursuit is to speak loudly and in opened manner about veins.

What is worse?

Speaking, being ashamed of veins, or not being able to wear shorts and subsequently suffer consequences of untreated varicosities.

Procrastination or a higher power will not diminish our pains and mental conflicts. It is time to roll up the pants, show some legs and start enjoying outdoors in the sun.

Be free of any shame!!!

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